Our enterprise, along with deliveries of sand forming for needs of foundry manufacture, ships the same sand for the enterprises of building branch which are letting out dry building mixes.

Now we conduct question study on site creation on drying of sand for needs of the enterprises which are letting out dry building mixes by capacity of 42 thousand of tons year. In this connection we ask the interested enterprises, to give us the information on requirement of such sand. We also are ready to consideration of questions on use of sand of our open-cast mine and for other needs as building branch, and housing-komunalnogo economy (in particular filtrational sand)

The TECHNICAL PROJECT on performance of works on a theme "Working out of architecturally - building project of a site on drying and classification of forming sand of Open Society "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials"

1 Purpose of work:

  • To develop architecturally - building project on a site on drying and classification of forming sand of the Zhlobinsky open-cast mine, providing reception of production meeting requirements of the basic consumers of forming sand and GOST 2138-91.
2 Basic requirements to a site on drying and classification, the equipment:
2.1 Productivity 10-15 t/h;
2.2 Sites Developed the project on drying and classification should provide to (provide):
  • Sand drying;
  • Cooling of sand to 80 degrees;
  • Sand classification;
  • Silos for the divided fractions;
  • Installation for drying with a gas torch;
  • Packing in big bags.
3 Basic characteristics of initial raw materials and received production:

Raw materials
Fe2%O3% Clay % РН CaO+MgO Gas permeability
Initial raw materials 94÷96 025÷04 3÷6 7,1÷7,3 1,5 До 145
On alluvium cards 96÷97 025÷03 0,25÷0,5 7,1÷7,3 1,5 195÷210

Humidity of sand of 4-6%

4 Basic requirements to end production::

< 016
0,25÷0,3 0,3÷0,4 > 04
Without requirements 1-2 К3О2 1-2 К3О2 1-2 К3О2 Without requirements
Gas permeability 160-200 200-280 > 280  

Humidity of sand in accordance with GOST 2138-91 no more than 0,5 %

detailed 5 Structure transferred to the Customer scientifically engineering specifications:
  • Developed architecturally - building project on drying and classification of forming sand;
  • Cost of works and the capital equipment;
  • Economic and specifications on the equipment.