About the enterprise                                                   sand stocks

The enterprise according to the Decision of Ministerial council of the USSR from 29.12.1952г is created. № 5290-2062 and the decision of the Ministry of the machine-tool constructing and tool industry of the USSR № 400 from 18.11.1954г.

According to the legislation 11.09.2003г on the basis of the order № 148 State regional territorial funds of the state property are transformed to Open Society "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials".

The deposit is revealed in 1963, Zhlobina and in 6,5 km to the south of railway station Virsky is located in a valley of the river Dnepr in 9 km jugo-to the east.

Detailed prospecting works on a deposit of "Chetvernja" were spent in 1976-78 by the Gomel geologo-prospecting party Belarus Geological prospecting expedition geology Managements at Ministerial council BSSR. Industrial stocks of a deposit are reconnoitered on the area of 78,95 hectares. As perspective stocks the estimation of forming sand on the area of 71,52 hectares on category С2 С2is made.

Mineral stocks (forming sand) are confirmed GKZ by report №8351 from 20.09.1979 years in quantities: In (industrial working out) - 7123 thousand tons, С1 (for perspective industrial working out) - 19155 thousand tons, В+С1 - 26278 thousand tons and С2 (perspective demanding detailed geological researches) - 23929 thousand tons

Reserves for January, 1st 2009
Categories В 3167,20 thousand tons
Categories С1 19155,00 thousand tons
Categories С2 23929,00 thousand tons
Categories В+С1 22322,20 thousand tons
The sum of all 46251,20 thousand tons

The enriched forming sand after the hydromechanized extraction and elimination of fraction more 1мм, are used for forming and rod mixes, thermal drying of pig-iron moulding small and average weight by individual or small-scale manufacture on foundries and shops of machine-building factories of Byelorussia, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia. Coarse sands and gravel (fractions more 1мм) can be used as a filler for concrete and road building.