Industrial platform                                              Sand delivery

Sand extraction is conducted in the hydromechanized way in career of "Chetverni" according to the permission of Promatomnadzora РБ from 08.09.1997 №29.

песок доставка Shipment of sand for the wholesale buyers which site is on considerable removal from industrial platform "Chetvernja", is made in semicars and platforms. Mainly forming sand is in such a way shipped, its delivery is carried out by Ry transport.
For work with us it is necessary for you to conclude the contract on sand shipment. You can receive more detailed information in a sales department on tel./fax +375-(2334)-94-1-44.

песок доставкаOpen Society "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials" realises sand small parties (population), sand shipment in this case to be made in motor transport of the customer or motor transport of Open Society "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials" 13 ton KAMAZ.
Cost of kilometre of run 1731 rbl. (Cost price taking into account the VAT)