Park of technics of Open Society "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials"

The list of technics, Open Society enterprise "Zhlobinsky open-cast mine of forming materials" for which purchase of details and materials is made is more low presented. We will consider all your offers. +375-(02334)-2-99-91

The automobile technics

   UAZ-390944   - "The Farmer", the extended base, a dual cabin. A platform - metal, equipped with an awning.  

   UAZ-31514   For comfortable driving by all kinds of roads and impassability is issued automobile UAZ-31514 with a metal roof and the improved furnish of salon.  

   VAZ-2115   - is a restyling version of model VAZ 21099.  

   GAZ-3110   Than differs GAZ-3110 from the previous model and from all other domestic cars?.  

   KAMAZ-55111   - A building dump-body truck with the back unloading, intended for transportation of loose cargoes.  

The career technics

   EK-12   - A dredge of a class "City" with changeable geometry of an arrow.  

   EKG-5А   Career caterpillar dredges of an EKG-5А are applied to mining operations.  

The Road-building technics

   Т-330   It is intended for performance of a complex of works in industrial, oil and gas, hydraulic engineering road building, land improvement, the mining industry in various climatic zones at temperature of air from +50°до-50°C