The technology applied by us now on extraction, classification and enrichment of forming sand represents a dredge which hoists a pulp from a bottom of a reservoirземснарядfrom depth of 20 m, pulp a wire, and a thickener which separates small particles and clay, the conic inertial roar established at height 20м which separates inclusions more than 4 mm., the pulp on an alluvium card is dumped.

Classification by structure occurs on an alluvium chart at pulp running off on the generated bias. ВAs a result we receive forming sand of mark 3-4 K2-5O2 (016; 02; 0,3) with average diameter of grains of sand from 0,16 to 0,4 mm. With maintenance SiO2 - 96 % of GOST 2138-91. These sand find the application on foundry manufactures basically for moulding from grey pig-iron. The market of moulding from grey pig-iron is constantly reduced. The share of moulding increases in mechanical engineering from high-strength pig-iron, moulding from a steel. Sand of marks 1-2 К2-5O1 (02-0,25) with average diameter 0,2-0,25 mm for this purpose are required. With maintenance SiO2 - 98 %.