Forming sand

The investment project

Us factory building on enrichment of forming sand for the purpose of expansion of commodity markets of extracted sand, replacement of the Belarus enterprises of forming sand imported nearby by sand of our open-cast mine by improvement of quality of extracted sand and reception of accompanying materials on the basis of quartz sand is offered.

On manufacture offered by us performance of following processes on enrichment of forming sand will be provided:

Decomposition and roar:

Forming sand for enrichment it will be prepared in a scrubber-butare where in one device two processes are combined - decomposition of sand as a result of cascade conveyance of a material to the water environment will occur collapse of clay modular inclusions to the subsequent conclusion from process of a material in the size more than 3-5 mm., including large stones, a pebble, roots of trees both other natural and artificial inclusions.


Forming sand arrived in process will be exposed to mechanical activation (to friction) n the car for a friction. The friction of forming sand is made for the purpose of removal oxidation films of metals from a surface of quartz grains, and also in the course of a friction grains of small strength can collapse.

Gravitational enrichment::

Forming sand will pass clearing of heavy minerals which will be made by means of gravitation process on concentration tables. In the course of enrichment in concentration tables heavy minerals with relative density more than 3,5-4 g/c.3, which will gather in a separate product will be taken and to leave from process.

Hydraulic classification:

Reception of forming sand of the necessary size and its clearing of impurity will be reached by a method of hydraulic classification that excludes application vibrating roars. The multichoke hydraulic qualifier will allow to receive sand set size.

Dehydration and turnaround water supply:

The enriched quartz forming sand will pass a cycle of additional clearing and dehydration in spiral qualifiers and to be stored on a platform for the further use in manufacture. Possibility of application of the equipment offered by us is confirmed is skilled-experimentally on breadboard models

The object of building is offered to arrange on career of "Chetvernja" as a part of following technological complexes:

  • Line on extraction, enrichment and classification of wet sand;

  • Warehouse of sand with natural moistness to 4 %;

  • Line on drying, electromagnetic separation and sand packing in bags;

  • Warehouse of the packaged sand with moistness no more than 0,4 %;

  • The terminal for finished goods loading in railway and motor transport.
Building of concentrating factory with final productivity on an initial material of 748 thousand tons in a year is supposed.

Building is planned to be conducted in two stages.

The factory first stage (capacity of 350 thousand tons in a year) supposes to make the enriched of forming sand and accompanying commodity output roughly for a total sum of 6,9 billion roubles in a year, from them by kinds:

  • forming sand wet - 238 thousand tons a year for the sum of 3,3 billion roubles;
  • forming sand dry - 58 thousand tons for the sum of 2,3 billion roubles;
  • кварцевый песок filtrational - 10 thousand tons for the sum of 1 billion roubles;
  • кварцевый песок building - 50 thousand tons for the sum of 300 million roubles.

The estimated cost of concentrating factory taking into account all kinds of expenses will make about 8 million €

Presumable term of the beginning of building of a first stage 2009 with commissioning in 2011. The first stage recoupment is expected in a current of 7-8 years.

The labour work force increase will make roughly 20 persons. A source of satisfaction of requirement for a labour will be the item population Virsky.

It is supposed that, the requirement of object for power resources will become covered completely at the expense of the gazo-piston unit on the basis of an internal combustion engine, will be consumed thus 500 м3 at an o'clock of natural gas, for development of own electric power of 1000-1500 kw-h. In passing thermal energy of departing gases will be used for sand drying, and thermal energy of hot water for household needs at concentrating factory.

At gas pipeline building on an open-cast mine the requirement of factory for volume of gas of an order is provided 1000 m3/hour. Placing of a first stage of manufacture is supposed to be made on fixed to Open Society Zhlobinsky an open-cast mine of forming materials the earths.

The area of placing of a first stage makes: - an industrial building 160 х 60 х 20 m.; the drainage warehouse 250 х 100 m. Water removal of drains on lines of extraction, enrichment and sand classification in volume of river water 24000 м3 a day is supposed to carry out through by-pass channels, reservoirs-sediment bowls, lake Osushnoe and the river Dnepr. Drains of sanitary-household character will pass clearing through a local clearing construction from calculation of 20-30 persons of the working.

Possible influences of factory on enrichment of forming sand on environment:

  • Dust at storage, and shipment of forming sand;
  • Emissions at work of the gazo-piston unit on the basis of an internal combustion engine.

All these harmful influences are minimised thanks to corresponding systems a heat and gas traps.

Offered manufacture is without waste as 3 % of processed raw materials remaining after enrichment represent an initial material for ceramic and building industries.

The civil-engineering design of a first stage of factory working off of the chosen technology and the equipment for the further expansion of manufacture with a view of improvement of quality of quartz sand to level of requirements GOST for sand glass and forming for thin moulding is supposed.

With a view of achievement of a designed capacity of factory placing of similar object of building on a platform also directly at an open-cast mine is planned. The second turn is supposed to start to be built after steady definition of the market of internal and external consumers of commodity sand on prospect with 2013 for 16 years.

We invite to cooperation!

Our purpose - qualitative Forming sand!